Tower Hamlets 2

The day we visited Tower Hamlets was a scorcher in September and the last summers day of the year. Nick and I met at Mile End tube I think? We wandered along the Mile End Road for about a minute before stopping at a pub for an hour or so.
After getting somewhat drunk in the scorching sun we staggered along to the cemetery which is set back behind the Mile End road and proceeded to explore the place.
Tower Hamlets cemetery is closed for business these days but remains as a nature reserve (with ample fertilizer for its burgeoning plant life, I'll be bound). The whole place is teeming with life which I guess seems weird for a burial site? Most of the old graves are obscured by the rampant wildlife and especially on such a hot day the effect is intoxicating (especially after the pub). It is a very English vibe that is particular to the rare hot days we have, to feel so smothered by heat, plant smell, the buzz of insects and to feel exhilerated, stiflingly claustophobic and painfully aware that tomorrow may be freezing cold and pouring with rain. All this with the knowledge that in London at least and prior to the smoking ban and rises in the price of a pint that there is a pub nearby 'back off Brussels'! and to one such joint in the environs of Whitechapel we depart.


A Tower Hamlet


Naughty Nick Attenborough

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